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Living near the city of Chicago you have probably had a chance to watch a skyscraper or two under construction.  For the first six months or so of the project, all the workmen do is make a big hole in the ground.  To build a tall building by starting below the surface level seems crazy.  But, as you would suspect, there is a good reason for the large hole.  To build a mammoth building that is going to be stable in the strong Chicago winds, it is first necessary to dig down until a strong foundation can be built, one that is capable of supporting the skyscraper.

A doghouse needs no foundation, and an ordinary house can be built on little more than a concrete slab.  But a skyscraper requires a deep, solid foundation.

For Christians, our solid foundation is Jesus Christ.  In addition, the life we live in Him is also built on the sure foundation of God’s word – sound doctrine leads to sound living.

To keep growing up spiritually speaking, make sure you continue to dig deeper in God’s word, laying a good foundation for life in Him.

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