The Fragrance of Jesus

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Musician Steven Curtis Chapman told the story of when he once went out into a nearby woods to pray.  At the time he felt very broken and discouraged, and went out to be alone with God.  As he prayed he was desperate for God to show up, to give him some wisdom or a sign that would help him break through the pain he was feeling.  As he was praying, he began to smell the strong scent of cedar.  It was so strong that it distracted him from his prayer.

He looked around to see that a little cedar tree had been snapped in half from where he had just stepped.  That was where the smell was coming from.  His immediate thought was that God had just met him and given him an answer to his prayers.  He wrote down on a little notepad “the fragrance of the broken.”

He received the fragrance of the broken cedar as a sign of God’s grace which pours forth as a sweet aroma to us when we are humbled and broken.

Sweet perfumes are made only from the crushing of many beautiful flowers.

The life of Jesus is the aroma found in our brokenness when we yield everything to His sovereign will.

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